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Lori Connell

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

City Center Opens Doors

The Mi Esperanza Training Center was opened in the capitol city of Tegucigalpa.  While working in villages with women through the micro loan program it became clear that the addition of a training school was the next step for the program. Women living in extreme poverty simply do not have opportunity for education in turn they do not have the knowledge they need to succeed in business.  The opening of the center brought skill training to women in three areas computer, salon and sewing.  Offering women the opportunity to obtain a skill offers them the tools to open doors to a self-sustaining life. We know that ending world poverty begins with women. Research and experience have shown us that women in poor countries are more likely to spend their income on food, education, and healthcare for their children - a long-term investment that lifts entire families and communities out of poverty. When the family income is in the hands of the mother a child's chances of surviving increases by 20%.  This is why economic opportunity for women is so important to ending the extreme poverty that cripples communities in the developing world.