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New Hope


New Hope

Lori Connell


A decade ago Mi Esperanza produced it's first handbag with the intention of selling that bag to volunteers who came to serve in Honduras in order to share with them the work of Mi Esperanza.  Our mission was to give some of our sewing graduates fair and sustainable work and raise funds for our program....always with the dream that we would one day be able to provide year round work for a larger group of women and make our program self sustaining. That first summer was a huge success, with many sales of our tote bag and the rest is, as they say history. So let us flash forward 10 years....our mission remains the same, work for women through an ethical and fair wage model and funding for the daily life changing work of Mi Esperanza.  Over the years our product line has grown and evolved into the amazing brand you see here in our on-line store, and for about 5 years Mi Esperanza has partnered with a small US ethical label to produce their clothing and it has been a wonderful partnership.  But over the past 10 months our work of elevating women through education and production has been noticed by 5 additional fashion labels and we have been asked to produce their goods.  Currently we produce for 6 labels in addition to our own brand.  We are seeing our vision of employing women and supporting our program grow in big ways.   Right now as you read this we have 60 of our women working producing clothing, bags and jewelry.  So maybe you are asking...what does this mean for these women?  Well it is no small thing...It is moving them from no work (in a country with over 50% unemployment) or an income of $2.50 or less a day, in horrific conditions-to earning a fair and sustainable wage in a healthy and honoring work environment where they have a voice.  In the past 10 months we have produced over 90,000 pieces of jewelry and 6,000 textile pieces, for people, like us, who care to ask the question "Who makes our goods?"  This is a really important question to ask... even a life and death question.  Much of the fashion industry produces it's goods in the developing world, by women and girls, in slavery and dangerous conditions. In our small part of the world we are standing firm to make a difference in the lives of women and children.  

So now we are encouraging YOU to ask the question.."Who makes my goods?"  In our store you will find our summer campaign bracelet #dogoodweargood" and you can support our efforts by adding to your purchase our "Cause Bracelet" and when someone asks you about your bracelet you can be a voice speaking justice for those with no voice.  Let's make their voices heard!

 Peace, Lori