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A Journey Filled with Gratitude

Lori Connell

       1 Chronicles 29:13 

         And now we thank you, our God, 

          and praise your glorious name.

Eugenia and her daughters

Eugenia and her daughters

My favorite time of year and one of my favorite soul focuses. The ending of another season as a new one begins. 

Our classes are winding down as another group of women graduate. We are grateful as we watch them launch into a new season filled with hope and expectations of being able to provide for their families. 

We are grateful to our many supporters and donors for keeping the doors of Mi Esperanza open so we can keep our classes full. We give thanks for you.

I will always remember the woman accepting her diploma as she turned to Lori and me, “We want you to know, that we know, you do not have to be here. We see that you work hard and we know you have given up time with your families. We know you choose to be here with us, giving us this opportunity to improve our lives. Thank you.”

Humbled. Thankful. Grateful to be blessed by such heartfelt words.

Lori and I were standing there that day, because of you and your support of Mi Esperanza. Her words of thanks are for you too.

Eugenia is pictured here with her three daughters. Because of her skills training and now employment with the Mi Esperanza jewelry studio, she has purchased her daughter a computer for school and built her family a home. 

These stories are not possible without each of you. Many of you donate money for operational expenses and many of you cover us in prayer. Many purchase goods produced by our women via our website store and many of you visit us at our physical store in Tegucigalpa.

It is with gratitude and thanksgiving, we acknowledge the support of each of you. We thank God for each of you.

You are a treasured part of our Mi Esperanza family.

Please continue helping us help the next group of women who enter our doors as new classes begin in January. 

Working with you continuing to bring hope,

Janet Hines

CEO/ Co-Founder

Standing For Hope...Together

Lori Connell

Each year we have summer campaign to share a message close to our hearts and invite visitors to Mi Esperanza to join in our fundraising efforts for our programs.  The is year our theme is Stand for Hope.  

"and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”   Isaiah 58:10

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Women to Women

Lori Connell

Mother’s day evokes many emotions in me. From missing my mom who passed away five years ago, the grand babies who miscarried, watching my daughter, daughter in laws and nieces become moms, my friends who have never had children or never will, as well as my friends who have lost a child, I find myself thinking of us all. And I think of our Mi Esperanza women and moms. 

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Compassion is a Verb

Lori Connell

We couldn’t be more grateful when people take our hand and join the journey of Mi Esperanza.  We are continually amazed at how God connects our journey with amazing people that bring depth and talent to our program and help us to serve the women of Honduras better.

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Choose to believe

Lori Connell


As we sit and think about 2017, we have a choice.  Do we think about the negative things that happened to us, our friends and our family or do we CHOOSE to think about the positive things in our lives?

I CHOOSE to think about the positive things, the fact that I have a great family, a wonderful job and that I am part of a wonderful organization that empowers women to do great things, things beyond some of their imaginations and beyond some of their wildest dreams.

Mi Esperanza gives women hope and the understanding that there is a network of people who BELIEVE in them and sometimes just knowing someone believes in you is all you need to do great things.   

So as you look towards 2018, don’t just make a resolution, make a CHOICE to BELIEVE in someone, someone who may not believe in themselves, be their cheerleader, their support line, part of their ‘tribe’, or be their silent partner.  

You just never know when you might need someone to BELIEVE in you.

Jessica Schroer,  Board President

Reflections on 15 years of hope

Lori Connell

15 years has passed so quickly!!  As I reflect on what is behind me I remain as passionate and committed to the women of Honduras as I ever have….maybe more.  My love for this work comes from a deep place of love and faith. It is forever a part of me.  

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Gracias A Dios

Lori Connell

Ask a Honduran how they are doing, inevitably they will answer with some version of “very well, thanks be to God.”  I love that they readily acknowledge that God is the One who is to be thanked for their well being.

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They come for hope.

Lori Connell

Every one of us has the ability to defend the poor and needy. Every face is unique, but the heart and soul inside share the same need for hope. It is a universal quest God placed deep inside each of us.

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Speak Up

Lori Connell

Through the years we have seen that given the opportunity, the women we employ and educate will use their newly earned resources to educate their children.  Simply put - education changes lives.  Education helps the helpless speak up for themselves.

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Looking Back

Lori Connell

Fifteen years seemed like a life time when I was fifteen. I remember my grandparents talking about how fast time passed. Time didn’t feel fast to me. 

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