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Women to Women


Women to Women

Lori Connell

Mi Esperanza’s focus for the past sixteen years has been women and mothers. Watching their excitement as they learn, as they realize the power they have to change their lives and as the generational chains are broken, we know what we do is good.

I struggle to find new ways to thank you, our supporters, for how you come alongside us and how you participate in our efforts to continue our programs. I want you to know how appreciated you are. 

This grandmother brings her granddaughter to sewing class with her.  We love the generational connection and opportunity our students experience.

Grandmother making patterns.jpg

 Below, our sewing teacher Reina observes as her student learns how to make a pattern. They learn how to make school uniforms, how to be a tailor and how to create custom clothing.

Reina teaching sewing class.jpeg

Our sewing class in the city center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Sewing class - center.jpeg

Mother’s day evokes many emotions in me. From missing my mom who passed away five years ago, the grand babies who miscarried, watching my daughter, daughter in laws and nieces become moms, my friends who have never had children or never will, as well as my friends who have lost a child, I find myself thinking of us all. And I think of our Mi Esperanza women and moms. 

Whatever categories touch your personal journey, please know we consider you part of our Mi Esperanza family. As family, we feel blessed to know you. We feel honored to recognize you  and your families every time we graduate a class, every time we begin a new class and as we watch our women grow.

As Mother’s day is rapidly approaching, we would like to invite you to join our efforts to continue to support the women and mothers in the programs of Mi Esperanza. As a loyal supporter, you know how the programs train our women. You have most likely seen our online store and the beautiful products produced by the women we hire after they graduate from our training classes. (You can see these products online at

Purchasing product supports the women we employ in our textile and jewelry studios. But there are times when you want to do more and that’s what we are asking you consider today.  Consider how you might be able to help us continue doing what we love and the honor, respect and hope we share for the future to all the women in our lives.

On behalf of our Mi Esperanza family,  Janet