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Compassion is a Verb


Compassion is a Verb

Lori Connell


A couple of years ago Sharon Surette and Tanya Mathewson made a commitment to our program to elevate the school experience, provide yearly continuing education to our past graduates, and to mentor our cosmetology instructor.  In March, Sharon and Tanya made a trip to Honduras for the second year to work with our Cosmetology program.  Sharon Surette is a salon owner in New Hampshire and she and Tanya are at the top of their field.  Sharon and Tanya bring expertise to our program that is helping our instructor strengthen our program and provide the best educational experience possible.  

This year, they focused their time with our new students re-enforcing basic salon practices and hair basics. For a group of returning graduates (all who participated last year) they held a Balayage seminar and held a Q & A.  Continuing education is so important in the field of  cosmetology, but expensive and out of reach for our graduates.  To be able to offer a free learning experience with two top hair designers is such a blessing.

In addition, they spent a day in the school salon, helping with organization and small upkeep and improvement projects. A big thank you to Peter Surette, a home builder in New Hampshire,  for managing all the projects and building a break table.

It takes a village people and when we each use our passion, education and talents in service to others amazing things happen. When we engage, compassion happens.

As soon as you’re able to step into someones else’s shoes or look at the world from a different perspective, everything you believe becomes less certain, or at least less black and white” (Evolving in Monkey town)

Let us seek everyday for kindness and compassion, to live for and with others that stretch us to see people with better understand.  Because when we engage, truly engage that’s when compassion happens.

Where will your passion take you?