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Road trip reflections


Road trip reflections

Lori Connell

On a recent road trip, far from the busy life of Tegucigalpa to the remote hills of El Cacao, we were on a mission to find a co-op of women who create the most vibrant and beautiful textiles. With each passing mile and as we traveled the dirt roads to their hidden weaving house we saw women walking wearing bright and beautiful textiles on their heads, around their shoulders and carrying their babies. It was easy to see that these textiles are the fabric of everyday life and we could barely contain our excitement to find them!

When we reached our destination we found a small building with women sitting inside at foot looms passing bright colored thread back and forth on “boats” while their feet pushed the loom all at a pace that amazed us.  With each pass of the boat and push of her feet fabric was being created.  

In the corner fabric is stacked on a table and each one we examined made us happy and excited for what it could become.   As we left carrying 80 yards of fabric (representing months of work) the women were filled with gratitude for our purchase;  telling us what a blessing it is for their families and continued livelihood.  We, in turn, were filled with deep appreciation for being invited into their world and to share in such beauty.

Supporting the women of Cacao is a natural extension of Mi Esperanza’s mission and allows us to affect change in the lives women even in the most remote regions of Honduras.  

We are excited to carry the story of their amazing craft through our designs.  Products that tell stories and honor the people who make them is what the Mi Esperanza brand is all about.  These new designs will launch in just a few months.  We hope you will love them as much as we do and fall in love with the story of unity these products represents.

Honduras is full of life, laughter, family, gratitude.  Love, color and hidden treasure are just waiting to be found.   

Peace,  Lori