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Choose to believe

Lori Connell


As we sit and think about 2017, we have a choice.  Do we think about the negative things that happened to us, our friends and our family or do we CHOOSE to think about the positive things in our lives?

I CHOOSE to think about the positive things, the fact that I have a great family, a wonderful job and that I am part of a wonderful organization that empowers women to do great things, things beyond some of their imaginations and beyond some of their wildest dreams.

Mi Esperanza gives women hope and the understanding that there is a network of people who BELIEVE in them and sometimes just knowing someone believes in you is all you need to do great things.   

So as you look towards 2018, don’t just make a resolution, make a CHOICE to BELIEVE in someone, someone who may not believe in themselves, be their cheerleader, their support line, part of their ‘tribe’, or be their silent partner.  

You just never know when you might need someone to BELIEVE in you.

Jessica Schroer,  Board President