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Gracias A Dios


Gracias A Dios

Lori Connell

Julie Lawson, Jewelry Program Director

Julie Lawson, Jewelry Program Director

Over the past 18 years, I have come to love the country and people of Honduras and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity those many years ago to experience my first “mission” trip in the southern part of the country.  Six years ago, I became affiliated with Mi Esperanza and have since worked to help establish the jewelry training program and studio as well as serve on the board of directors. I spend my summers in Tegucigalpa supporting Mi Esperanza in our most busy season.

As I am sure you know, the lives of women in Honduras are particularly difficult.  Very often the women are left alone to support their children in a country where unemployment is high and poverty is the norm.  Mi Esperanza comes alongside those women with opportunities of education and often employment as well.

As a result of  the work of Mi Esperanza, I have seen so many wonderful things take place. The far reaching benefits are often intangible but it is with a grateful heart that I share some of these with you.  Many lives are represented here, but I will use the generic “she”  and “her” to share their experiences.

She is able to send her two daughters to college.

She is regularly able to provide food for her children.

She can use her sewing skills to make her children’s uniforms for school.

She can take her daughter to the doctor when she is sick.

She can buy her child a computer to use while she is in high school.

She is able to build a secure home for her family.

She has established personal independence for herself.

She can pay for her children’s school supplies and uniforms.

She is able to write her church’s bulletin.

She is able to help her grandchildren with their homework on the computer.

She has community with women that she never had before.

She has become a manager of a jewelry studio.

She has become a proficient tailor.

She has gotten a job as a cosmetologist.

She has opened her own beauty salon.

She has opened her own successful tortilla store.

She has learned to be a giver, herself - not just a recipient.

She believes in herself.

She knows that God provides.

Thanks be to God.

These are but a few examples of the benefits women experience from their affiliation with Mi Esperanza. As we embark on our 16th year of working with the women of Honduras, we thank you for your interest and support in our work.  Every monetary gift you give goes directly into the continuation of our educational programs. 2018 will bring many new opportunities that we are excited to share with you as they materialize.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Julie