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A New Generation of Hope and Change


A New Generation of Hope and Change

Lori Connell

Los Pinos 2004

Los Pinos 2004

Let's talk about this photo, it's quite old, over a decade and I love it. It tells such a powerful story.

I stood watching 2 of these girls, the ones on either side, laughing and waiting at the bottom of the hill. They were excited and waiting for something or someone with much anticipation as they kept looking up and down the road. Their laughter was delightful and contagious. Then arrives a bus. Friend #3 exited the bus and they squealed, hugged, and grabbed hands and began to walk. They were laughing and chatting and so happy to be together. That's when I snapped this image.

I don't know what they were talking about, but I am guessing friend 3 was telling 1 & 2 about her day at school.

When you live in extreme poverty, education is a luxury.  For girls, the struggle for education is even greater.  It is estimated that there are 130 MILLION girls, alone, out of school. When families are struggling, girls are pulled from school by 6th grade due to cost and to help the family survive.  It is simple, there is no future where there is no education.

Aracely and Ximena. Aracely’s job at Mi Esperanza provides a bi-lingual education for her daughter.

Aracely and Ximena. Aracely’s job at Mi Esperanza provides a bi-lingual education for her daughter.

When we educate women, and introduce a stable income into the family, they will prioritize education for their children.  This is particularly beneficial to girls.  When girls stay in school they marry later in life, have fewer children and their income potential increases by 20% simply with the completion of primary school. An educated girl grows to be an educated woman, which ultimately leads to a better informed and healthier community.  We see the future of Honduras in the faces of women who, with a little help, will raise a new generation of hope and change.  

If we want to see children off the streets, in homes not orphanages, and educated, then educating women is the answer. When we elevate women we are empowering the ones who invest in everyone else! What happens here is important, join us? Visit our donate page and become a partner in hope.