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Irma Ortega

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Irma Ortega

Lori Connell

Irma is happy and excited for the future and she credits Mi Esperanza for her optimism about life.

Irma at a glance

  • Age: 21
  • Marital Status: Not Married
  • Children: 1
  • Community: Via Nueva
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Belleza/Beauty & Personal Skills

 Irma came to Mi Esperanza in the spring of 2010 with a desire to learn more about beauty. During a recent visit Irma shared with us that in the beginning she didn't think she was very good, "I kept burning my hand on the blow dryer."  But two things made her realize that her training could have a future beyond personal knowledge...  1.  After beginning school, her family and friends began asking her to do their hair and nails. "I began noticing that with practice I was getting better." And... 2. Her internship at Afro Style. She began working with clients and realized that her training could be a new career.  After graduation she was hired on at Afro Style full time and worked their until December.  Irma was well liked by her employer and clients.  During that time Irma decided she wanted to go out on her own so she could be a more available mother to her daughter Stephanie.  In November of 2010 she began looking for a location close to her home to open her own salon and on December 1, she opened Bellas Beauty Salon.  Bella (pronounced bay-ya), means "beautiful," and represents all the beautiful women in her life.

There are many single mothers out there that need help

Opened almost 2 months now, Irma is doing well.  Irma feels Mi Esperanza not only gave her a skill but the confidence it took for her to open her own business.  She also shared "the confidence Mi Esperanza gave me went far beyond the classroom. It gave me the confidence to leave an abusive relationship and now me and my daughter are happier and healthier."  Irma goes to a technical high school at night where she is working on her diploma with a business development track.  She is using this education to improve her business.

She is very grateful to Mi Esperanza for the vision to educate women. "There are many single mothers out there that need help"  Irma hopes to continue her education to the university level and she is hoping to send Stephanie to a private, bilingual school when she is five.  In the mean time, she enjoys bringing her to work on occasion and being financially independent for the first time.