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Maria "The Tortilla Lady"

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Maria "The Tortilla Lady"

Lori Connell

Maria “The Tortilla Lady” is a story of hope.  Maria was one of the first six micro-credit loan recipients in 2002. When she came to us she had a small tortilla business she wanted to expand. She was making 200 tortillas a day and selling them for one or two dollars a day. With her first loan from the Mi Esperanza program, she expanded her business and has continued to expand her business ever since. Maria now makes 2500 tortillas a day and has built a room onto her home with a large adobe oven to cook her tortillas. She begins at 6am each morning cooking and then travels during the late morning to stores that buy her tortillas.  Maria now makes $25 a day, which is comparable to most doctors in the country. 

Maria at a glance

  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 3
  • Community: Sector Ocho
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Micro-credit recipient