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Romelia Martinez

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Romelia Martinez

Lori Connell

In Romelia's words.

I heard of Mi Esperanza back in 2006 when our preacher told us about the courses Mi Esperanza was offering to poor women. I took the reed weaving and piñata making course. After graduating I appled for a seamstress job at Mi Esperanza, and they were kind to give me a job in the maquila. I was doing very good making enough money to support my family, but my husband had an accident that left him physically incapacitated. I had to quit my job, to take care of my husband. During this difficult moment of my life, Mi Esperanza always helped me emotionally and they gave me a wheel chair and a handicapped bed for my husband to help me care for him better.  After a year of taking care of my husband I returned to work at the Mi Esperanza maquila, I don’t know what It would be like without Mi Esperanza helping me and providing me a job.   Because of this job I am able to support my family and give my kids the education they need.

Romelia at a glance

  • Age: 51
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 5
  • Community: Colonia Monterrey
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Weaving course, Piñata course and Sewing Maquila

I have been very busy working on several projects, I love making school uniforms for kids, and bags for the ladies that come visit us every summer, I am so happy to know that they love the product that we make in the maquila. One of my favorite bag is the misquito bag.  I love the fact that these "school" bags helped the kids that live in isolated parts of Honduras.

Because of this job I am able to support my family and give my kids the education they need.

I will always be grateful to God and to Mi Esperanza, I wish there were more organization like Mi Esperanza in Honduras!