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Ana Gonzales

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Ana Gonzales

Lori Connell

Ana lives in Mololoa a community on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa.  She lives with her husband, 73 year old mother and 4 children.  In 2014 Ana signed up for the Mi Esperanza sewing course that was being offered in the community center in her village.  Ana was a great student and made a lasting impression on our instructor.  


Ana at a Glance 

  • Age: 33
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 4
  • Community: Mololoa
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Satellite Sewing 


Before learning to sew Ana did not have any marketable skills and therefore did not work.  She did however volunteer with World Vision in her community.  As much as she liked giving her time to a worthy cause that helped her village she dreamt of being able to financially contribute to her family, her children's education, and to have resources to better care for disabled 16 year old daughter.  

Ana is grateful for her work and the time Mi Esperanza invested in her.  She looks forward to continuing to learn and become better at her job.  

With that ambition in her heart Ana completed the Mi Esperanza sewing course hoping it would open doors for her to find work.  Not long after her graduation the MI Esperanza production house needed some temporary workers for a large production order.  Because she excelled in her class work our sewing teacher called her to work on the job.  She began as a temporary employee but quickly worked herself into a full time position with her dedication and sweet spirit.  With a donation from Mi Esperanza of a sewing machine Ana also works from home.  

Now Ana has reached the goals she set for herself.  All of her earnings go toward her the care of her disabled daughter and her other 3 children's educations.