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Ledy Martinez

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Ledy Martinez

Lori Connell

Ledy lives in Nueva Oriental in a "Torch Mission" house.  She has 2 daughters and is a Mi Esperanza graduate.  Ledy graduated from our sewing program in 2007.  On Saturday we visited with Ledy to see how she was doing and get an update on her life.  We are happy to report that she is doing great and using the skill that she learned from her training at Mi Esperanza.  She has a sewing machine in her home and works for private clients making clothes.  She has also been working in a maquila since her graduation where she makes t-shirts and blouses.  She has been able to add a room on to her home, put in a concrete floor and add a large pila to her house.  Her daughters are healthy, happy and in school.  Ledy shared with us how her education with Mi Esperanza has provided stability for her and her family that would not have been possible without the education she received.  She has consistent work that provides daily needs like food, water, shelter, medical care and education for her daughters. Another Mi Esperanza success story!

Ledy at a glance

  • Age: 32
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 4
  • Community: Nueva Oriental
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Sewing


July 2015

Ledy is in nursing school! This is a dream she has had since she was a girl.  The opportunities she has/had with Mi Esperanza; education and employment are making this dream come true.

October 2014

Yesterday's visit to the home of Ledye Martinez was beyond inspiring and a blessing. All of her children came running when we arrived in the village, you see their momma was home 2 1/2 hours early because she didn't have 3 hours of bus rides to get home from her work at Mi Esperanza. Ledye and her family are doing amazing and she is open to share that her education with and work for Mi Esperanza continues to move her family out of the cycle of poverty. In Dec. Ledye herself finally graduated high school and she is very proud and her children beam with pride for her. She would like to go on to nursing school but will have to save to be able to take her entry exam, but it is her next goal to be reached, as she said "university is very expensive for someone like me but little by little it will be done" As we looked around we couldn't help but notice the wall displaying all the education diplomas of the entire family..a high priority in this home. And as we sat and visited, there was evidence of the life changing things we know about educating women; All of her children are attending school, her home with each visit improves and her children are healthy, happy and well fed. These markers tell us that the work of Mi Esperanza is on target with our goal to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of women and change the future for children.  Ledy continues to work as production manager for Lizalig and is excited to begin a new assignment with our newest partner in hope Petit Peony.

October 2013

Ledy has become the production manager for our partner in Hope Lizalig.  She oversees all aspects of the bi annually production.  She is known for attention to detail and ethics in her work...we so beyond happy for her to be recognized in this way.