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Paola Martinez

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Paola Martinez

Lori Connell

Jensy Paola Espinal Martínez was one of the top students in her class excelling in all areas of training.  Since graduation she has begun a beauty project in a small section of her house.   Her goal this year is to officially get the operating permit to open a "salon" her salon's name will be PAHO-PAHO. In the meantime, friends, family and neighbors call her for her services, haircuts, Manis and Pedis. Paloa has big visions for her future, she would like to someday own and run a salon in the capital city.  She would feel very proud if her story can serve as an inspiration for other girls.  We are excited to watch Paola's progress with her beauty salon.

Paola at a glance

  • Age: 28
  • Marital Status: Not Married
  • Children: None
  • Community: Los Torres
  • Mi Esperanza Course: Belleza.Beauty Class 2009, Personal Skills & Micro Finance


October 2014

In 2014 Paola attended an advanced color course with TECH ITALY.  Paola received 100% on her exam and was recognized at the top of the coarse.  Paola continues to run her salon Paho- Paho and teach at Mi Esperanza 

October 2013

On a recent visit to Pao-Pao salon Paola was proud to show us she had updated the ceiling in her salon with new tiles.  She was also recently recognized by "Tech Italy" as an official selling site of their products.

August 2013

Congratulations Paola!  Paola has successfully registered her salon Pao-Pao with the government.  She continues to make upgrades and improvements to her business.  She is now working on obtaining her visa to the USA so she can travel for further education and to purchase supplies for her business.  This summer Paola provided spa nights to TORCH volunteers to earn the funds for the cost of processing her visa. We are so proud of Paola and her hard work!

February 2012

Paola has joined the Mi Esperanza staff!  Paola is now our beauty instructor, she just began her second session of classes in our new salon class room.  Her salon is doing great and she schedules her teaching job around her salon hours.  She recently bought a car with a Micro-loan from Mi Esperanza so that she can move more effectively between the 2 jobs as well as she travels to clients home with her salon business.  She paid her loan back in full in 6 months!  

May 2011

Paola is doing fantastic!  Her business is growing and she meeting all the goals she has set for herself!  During our recent visit Paola was excited to show us her new tile floor.  If you remember from our last update she was saving for her floor....SHE DID IT!   Her next goal is to complete all of the legal paper work on the salon and officially name her salon.PAO PAO (Pow Pow)  We love the name don't you?  Paola is always gracious to provide services while we are visiting..this time she gave Lori and Gina a "hair cocktail" a conditioning treatment.  Lori also got a much needed trim, she did a great job!   Visiting with Paola is always a joy.  She is positive, up beat and optimistic for the future.  Paola also agreed to offer her salon as location for Mi Esperanza students to fulfill their internship.  We cannot think of a better example for our students!

January 2011

We got a call from Paola this week because she wanted to share with us her most recent success.  After the christmas busy season in her salon she was able to buy the tile for her salon floor.  She was very excited and proud and wanted to us to know.  She is now saving for the rest of the materials and labor costs so she can have the floor installed.

November 2010

Celebrating the one year anniversary of her salon "Paho Paho" Paola invited Lori and Gina in for a celapon hair treatment to say thank you to Mi Esperanza for helping her reach a very big dream in her life.  Lori and Gina had a wonderful time catching up with Paola and seeing how she has grown her business in the past year.  It was easy to see that she had been busy.  Since our last visit Paola has added a hair washing sink, shelving, a product display case and painted her salon.   She now offers color services to her clients.  This past year she helped 8 brides with their big day and now travels to 3 communities for clients in different areas of the city.

February 2010

Gina and Lori visited Paola in her newly established salon in the garage of her family home.  When they arrived she was servicing a regular client with a manicure.  Paola says weekends are her busiest days of the week and building a consistent client base.  Her salon is small but she says this is only the beginning!  She is grateful for the education that Mi Esperanza provided her and the opportunity that it has offered her.  Paola is staying actively involved with the Mi Esperanza program as she hopes to be an inspiration to others and want to give back to the program that helped her.