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Paola Martinez

Lori Connell

Beauty Instructor/Personal Skills Instructor

Beauty Instructor

Beauty Instructor

Jensy Paola Espinal Martinez graduated from Mi Esperanza’s beauty school in 2009 and started a beauty salon in a small section of her house. Throughout 2010 and 2011, Paola grew her salon business and was able to achieve every goal she set out to accomplish in regards to her salon, including legally naming it PAO PAO (Pow Pow). She also agreed to offer her salon as a location for Mi Esperanza students to fulfill their internships.

In February 2012, Paola joined the Mi Esperanza staff as our beauty school instructor, teaching a morning and an afternoon class three times a week. Her salon is doing amazingly well, and she schedules the Mi Esperanza classes around her salon hours. Additionally, she was able to buy a car using a micro-loan from Mi Esperanza so that she can move more effectively between her two jobs and can travel to her clients’ homes with her salon business. Paola is a great addition to the Mi Esperanza family because her story helps Mi Esperanza students see that the education and training Mi Esperanza provides, combined with hard work, results in hope, empowerment, opportunity and success.

I continued to stay actively involved with the Mi Esperanza program in order to be an inspiration to others. I also wanted to give back to the organization that helped me.