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Aracely Valasquez

Lori Connell

Textile hand printing artisan and center support staff.

Textile hand printing artisan and center support staff.

Aracely is our center support employee.  She is a graduate of our computer class in 2013 and came to work at Mi Esperanza in 2014.

Because her daughter's school was so far from home she did not have the resources or time to travel back and forth by bus each day. She began volunteering her time helping us organize our sewing maquila while she waited for her daughter to finish school.   She soon proved herself a huge asset to our team and we brought her on as a paid employee. Aracely serves in many capacities; office support staff, sewing maquila support staff, she helps in the on-site store and is our textile hand printing artisan.  She is always ready to learn something new and expand her talents.

 Aracely is married and has one daughter, Xermaina.  Her top priority is her daughters education.  With her job at Mi Esperanza she has been able to enroll Xermaina in private/bilingual school for which she is so proud.  Aracely often speaks of her gratitude to Mi Esperanza for giving her the opportunity to work and provide a better education for her daughter knowing it will make the difference for Xermaina's future.